Borderlands 2 modding (Wrong Wiki)

Hey everyone, A weapons editor was just released this past week. I am starting to get all the parts listed here and order them nicely.

First off, You will need to download the save editor here: Old, broken link if someone wants to put it back there; New, as of 3/19/13

Next, if you would like, is a list of all the parts in the game in a docx file: (This is where i am getting my data to add to the site.)

Weapon Type
Golden Guns

Sorry if I am editing something I'm not supposed to, but the link for the save editor doesn't seem to be working.
If someone could re-upload it, that would be awesome. Thanks again!

Same as the guy above. Sorry if I wasn't supposed to edit this, but the save editor can now be downloaded. I am not sure if it is the same save editor that was originally posted but it should work. Link for the forum post that has information about the editor and updates, along with other people's codes for their custom weapons/items.

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