Gear Calculator v1.0

Changes in v1.0 (5-15)

  • Added weapon card generation and ability to save card to local PNG
  • Added gear code import from clipboard
  • Added all unique guns from original game
  • Implemented accurate cost calculation
  • Added procs per second stat, ammo regeneration stat
  • Many, many bug fixes including sniper prefixes, shotgun titles, and others

NOTE: If you still see the old version, force refresh your browser till you see v1.0 in the log area.

Now, weapon cards, minus material-specific coloring, are generated. You can export or save the weapon cards, gear codes, and stats by using the copy buttons on the right side. Coming soon is gun "deconstruction"—entering partial stats and/or names and generating the part combination that yields those stats.

Also added the calculation of elemental impact DPS, as well as a few other derived elemental stats. Enable their calculation by checking the "tech " check box. It will take a few seconds to calculate. These elemental stats are calculated over thousands of "trials" to obtain meaningful averages, since elemental abilities are probability based.

The general premise for the program is that you have to match an item grade to a gun type. Each grade-type pair is unique and unlocks a certain gun "template" guiding which parts you can pick. The part combos it lets you pick will always work in-game. Clicking on either the part type labels or the combo boxes will show the current part's modifiers in the text area below.

  • Please try it and be descriptive of the bugs and inaccuracies to help me fix it!

Last UPDATE: 5-06-2010

  • Newly added is the calculation of elemental impact DPS, as well as a few other derived elemental stats. Enable their calculation by checking the "tech calc" check box. It will take a few seconds to calculate.

UPDATE: 4/29/10 #2

  • Added option to select from global prefix/title pools
  • Fixed problem with prefix/title lists growing in length when using auto-naming
  • Fixed Savior, Cobra, Hyperion materials and naming, Firehawk naming, Havoc, Ogre, elemental sniper naming, launcher titles

UPDATE: 4/29/10

  • Tweaked legit filter (should work now)
  • Fixed elemental launchers, devastating accessory, Nidhogg, semi-auto snipers

UPDATE: 4/28/10 #2

  • Tweaked legit filter (should work now)
  • Tweaked naming (should be mostly correct now)
  • Added auto-naming feature
  • Fixed Torment title, Protector body, and a couple other parts

UPDATE: 4/28/10

  • Recent history and enhanced DPS (accounts for accuracy) added but neither is 100% yet
  • Item grades and types are now alphabetically sorted
  • Slight change to gun naming (legit filter, cost still untouched and broken)
  • Fixed Serpens, Ajax's Spear, Hammer, sniper mags

UPDATE: 4/27/10

  • Rocket launchers, Knoxx uniques, and all pearlescent guns added
  • Hammer accessory, sniper materials, and a few parts fixed
  • Grip lists cleaned up
  • Item grade and weapon type combo boxes linked for convenience

UPDATE: 4/26/10

  • Gear data files have been updated (sniper rifles, semi-auto sniper rifles, combat rifles, and MGs are now supported).
  • Grip and Manufacturer combo boxes are now linked for convenience—changing one will change the other to match.
  • Naming of constructed guns tweaked (cost calculation and legit checking still broken)
  • Adjusted the base damage for repeaters to correctly reflect post-1.3 damage
  • SMG bodies, the Defiler accessory, and the Needler title have been corrected in data files

UPDATE: 4/24/10

I think I fixed most of the algorithms for calculating the main stats (damage, fire rate, accuracy and possibly others). The data files are now embedded so there should no longer be any issues with loading. Legit checking is still very much a work-in-progress.

All credit for this goes to: duncanfoggduncanfogg

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