Grenade Mods


While Grenade Mods generally always have the single Item Grade mentioned below, there are two situations in the original game where it will have a different grade:

  • The reward for the "Got Grenades?" mission has an Item Grade of gd_customitems.Items.CustomItem_StarterGear_GrenadeMOD_MIRV
  • If a grenade mod is received instead of a backpack SDU as a reward for a Claptrap Rescue mission, the Item Grade will be gd_itemgrades.StorageDeckUpgrades.ItemGrade_SDU_InventorySlots

Items » Grenade Mods
Grenade Mods Part format gd_tunercuffs.[Parttype].[Partname]
Grenade Mod Type gd_tunercuffs.A_Item.Item_GrenadeModulator
Grenade Mod Grade gd_itemgrades.Gear.ItemGrade_Gear_GrenadeMODs

The damage formula is 0.8 * ( (Item_Level ^ 1.3) + 9 ) where the Item_Level is generally two more than the displayed level requirement; base level requirements for each quality value are listed on the Manufacturers page. Note that unlike weapons or shields, grenades have no damage modifiers; to get maximum damage in a grenade mod, just set the quality to 5 and the level to 71.

Grenade Type Manufacturer
Bouncing Bettie Dahl
Contact (Explosive) Tediore
Contact (Other) Maliwan
Long Bow Hyperion
MIRV Torgue
Proximity Vladof
Rain Atlas
Rubberized Pangolin
Sticky S and S
Transfusion Anshin

Unlike traditional weapons, grenade mods only have one manufacturer tier. Using a value above _1 will result in a low quality, broken weapon.

Adding elemental effects to transfusion grenades does nothing.

Part Name Part Type Damage Mod Extra Effect
body1_explosive Body +0% Adds Explosive Damage
body2_incendiary Body +0% Adds Incendiary Damage
body3_corrosive Body +0% Adds Acid Damage
body4_shock Body +0% Adds Shock Damage
body5_notech Body +0% No Effect; used for Transfusion grenades
body6_explosive_rain Body +0% Adds Explosive Damage; used for Rain grenades
body7_incendiary_rain Body +0% Adds Incendiary Damage; used for Rain grenades
body8_corrosive_rain Body +0% Adds Acid Damage; used for Rain grenades
body9_shock_rain Body +0% Adds Shock Damage; used for Rain grenades
leftsidenone LeftSide +0% No Effect
Prefix_Corrosive Prefix +0% "Corrosive"
Prefix_Explosive Prefix +0% "Explosive"
Prefix_Incendiary Prefix +0% "Incendiary"
Prefix_Shock Prefix +0% "Shock"
rightsidenone RightSide +0% No Effect
Title_Bettie Title +0% Grenade bounces then explodes in air
Title_Contact Title +0% Grenade Explodes On Contact
Title_LongBow Title +0% Grenade Teleports To Location Then Explodes
Title_MIRV Title +0% Explodes into little ones which explode
Title_MOD Title +0% MOD
Title_Proximity Title +0% Sticks to surfaces, explodes when enemy goes near it
Title_Rain Title +0% Grenade Explodes Into The Air Then Rains Down On Enemy
Title_Rubberized Title +0% Grenade Bounces Off Of Surfaces
Title_Sticky Title +0% Grenade Sticks To Surfaces
Title_Transfusion Title +0% Grenade Steals Health From Enemies and Gives It To You
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