Legendary Quick Reference

Each legendary weapon has a slogan, quote or a hint of some kind on their weapon card. It is displayed as what it has come to be known as "The Red Flavor Text" , it is indicative of their behavior or hinting at a unique inherent bonus statistic, such as an increase or addition of critical hit damage for example. Below is a compilation of all the Legendary Weapons in the game with a brief overview (this is mostly an informational post, please proceed to the [Weapons] tab above for a full list of statistics, and usable data for modding). But if you're digging this page and are more interested in the history, and fan personal anecdotes check out: Wikia's Legendary thread

Repeater Pistols

Manufacturer Title Part Effect
Tediore Protector Body Regenerates ammo
Dahl Hornet Accessory 2-shot burst, uncommon corrosive damage
Vladof Rebel Magazine Large clip, fast Reload
S&S Munitions Gemini Accessory Split shot
Maliwan Firehawk Accessory Extreme fire tech
Torgue Violator Barrel 3 projectiles, 3-shot burst fire
Hyperion Invader Scope Fires entire clip while zoomed
Atlas Troll Accessory Regenerates health slowly while equipped

Machine Pistols

Manufacturer Title Part Effect
Vladof Vengeance Barrel Bullets permeate shields (glitched)
S&S Munitions Thanatos Magazine Big magazine, Low Recoil
Hyperion Reaper Accessory Large melee damage (glitched), melee absorbs health, increased RoF


Manufacturer Title Part Effect
Tediore Equalizer Body Regenerates ammo
Dahl Anacoda Barrel High accuracy, high damage, good RoF
Maliwan Defiler Accessory Extreme corrosive tech, will always proc, procs have large splash so nearby targets may take corrosive damage as well, high damage
Jakobs Unforgiven Barrel Very high accuracy, critical hit bonus, very high Knockback (Jakobs XX mat.3), can spawn w/ masher accessory
Atlas Chimera Accessory Randomized tech damage, high tech (all elements)

Combat Shotguns

Manufacturer Title Part Effect
Tediore Defender Body Regenerates ammo
Dahl Bulldog Magazine Large barrel mag, faster reload
Torgue Friendly Fire Accessory Smiley face pattern, incendiary tech
Jakobs Striker Barrel High accuracy, critical hit bonus
Atlas Hydra Accessory Fires in groups of five in a horizontal pattern, high damage

Assault Shotguns

Manufacturer Title Part Effect
Vladof Hammer Accessory Hammer pattern, high explosive tech
Maliwan Plague Accessory High corrosive tech (glitched)
S&S Munitions Crux Accessory Cross pattern, high explosive tech
Hyperion Butcher Barrel 5 shot burst, 50% chance of not consuming ammo

Patrol SMGs

Manufacturer Title Part Effect
Tediore Savior Body Regenerates ammo
Dahl Wildcat Magazine Large clip, low accuracy, tech increase
Maliwan Hellfire Accessory Extreme incendiary proc chance, always procs, larger procs can cause nearby enemies to catch fire also, extremely high tech
Torgue Gasher Barrel Burst fire, High damage, RoF increase
Hyperion Bitch Barrel High damage, high tech, high accuracy, critical hit bonus (glitched)

Combat Rifles

Manufacturer Title Part Effect
Tediore Guardian Body Regenerates ammo
Dahl Raven Barrel 5-shot burst, only consumes 3 rounds
Hyperion Destroyer Barrel Fires entire mag while zoomed

Support Machineguns

Manufacturer Title Part Effect
SandS Munitions Draco Accessory Extra incendiary damage and extended magazine (glitched)
Vladof Revolution Magazine Large magazine, faster reload, reduced fire rate and extra recoil reduction
Torgue Bastard Barrel Very high damage, reduced recoil
Atlas Ogre Accessory High explosive damage and proc chance

Sniper Rifles (Pump-Action)

Manufacturer Title Part Effect
Maliwan Volcano Accessory Extremely high incendiary tech, will always proc, procs have large splash so nearby targets may take incendiary damage as well.
Jakobs Skullmasher Barrel Critical hit bonus, innate masher accessory basically a shotgun sniper rifle, very high Knockback (Jakobs XX mat.3)
Atlas Cyclops Scope 5.2x zoom, faster projectiles
Vladof Surkov Barrel Very fast reload, high damage

Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifles

Manufacturer Title Part Effect
Dahl Penetrator Barrel Fully automatic, extremely high RoF (glitched)
S&S Munitions Orion Accessory Ricocheting projectiles that diverge into 3-4 smaller projectiles, high shock tech
Torgue Cobra Accessory Large explosive tech
Hyperion Executioner Magazine 5-shot burst while zoomed, 10-shot clip (glitched)

Rocket Launchers

Manufacturer Title Part Effect
Vladof Mongol Barrel Fires a single rocket that shoots out smaller rockets as it flies
Maliwan Rhino Barrel Fires elemental rockets that cause repeated procs as they fly.
Torgue Redemption Barrel Fires a very slow but extremely powerful rocket with the largest splash radius
Hyperion Nidhogg Barrel Fires a single rocket that air-bursts into smaller rockets in a wide spread pattern
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