Pearlescent Weapons

A Quickie Biography:

In the first Borderlands game, Pearlescent items are included in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC, where they can be dropped by Crawmerax the Invincible, Badass Bruisers, Lance Pyros, Badass Engineers, and Drifters. On rare occasions they can be found by opening Crimson Lance Chests, and even less commonly by the occupants of Lancers. They do NOT appear outside of this DLC though.
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Pearlescent Items?

Those listed above are the only legitimate Pearlescent items, all were added within (Like I mentioned above) "The Secret Armory of General Knoxx" DLC. Each manufacturer has only one pearlescent weapon, and each weapon type has only one Pearlescent (with two exceptions, there are no pearlescent Assault Shotguns or Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifles). There are three Pearlescent shields, one of which is manufactured by the Atlas Corporation.

Before the reign of General Knoxx…

Pearlescent was an old bug in Borderlands 1 before the advent of the Secret Armory of General Knoxx where "white" weapons would appear over "dark orange" weapons in the inventory. It was fixed in the patch preceding The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. For all information for this old bug, visit Pearlescent (Before General Knoxx on the Wikia Page).

Their Traits:

Pearlescent weapons are actually a crossbred hybrid between Unique and Legendary weapon classes. On one hand they are similar to Legendary weapons since they can be looted from Crimson Lance chests, and have both a Title and a Prefix (Unique weapons don't have a prefix). On the other hand, each Pearlescent weapon can only be rarely looted from a finite set of enemies, just like when farming the Unique weapons. Finally, Pearlescent weapons will spawn with unique weapon part restrictions, and all have a specific material, just like Unique weapons.


  • The chance of obtaining Pearlescent weapons is exceedingly small, so much so that it cannot be properly conveyed with any ratio comparison to "Legendary" weapons. But if I had to guess I would say about every 50 Crawmerax kills a pearl will show up in his loot pool.
  • Each manufacturer has its own Pearlescent weapon or shield, with the exceptions of Atlas (which has two), Gearbox and Eridian (which have none).
  • Pearlescent shields can ONLY be found in-game at level 68.
  • Overall, the Undertaker is simply much more powerful in every domain than most other Rocket Launchers: Damage, Fire Rate, Magazine Capacity and Blast Radius. Only the Redemptionprovides more damage per shot than the Undertaker, although the Undertaker consumes only one rocket per shot as opposed to four with the Redemption.
  • The Stalker's bullets move slightly slower, but not as slow as the cold-accessory machine pistols. When spawned with a cold accessory, the bullets will move extremely slowly, limiting its effectiveness at any range beyond short. Furthermore, it is never elemental, and it has the chance to spawn with a double accessory, which highly increases the fire rate, making it more like an Anarchy SMG and limiting the effectiveness at medium range. Therefore, it is usually better to stick to close range encounters where the Stalker is most effective.
  • Unlike other repeaters which proc only as [x2] [the Maliwan Firehawk being the other exception], the Nemesis can proc anywhere from [x1] to the gun's actual multiplier, i.e. [x3] or [x4]. The number of corrosive projectiles which accompany the main shock bullet is the multiplier which triggered during that shot, i.e. anywhere from [1-4] projectiles for [x1] to [x4] procs respectively.
  • x1 - One at the bottom
  • x2 - Two at the sides
  • x3 - Two at the sides, one at the bottom
  • x4 - Two at the sides, one each at the bottom and top
  1. The center projectile is always shock when it procs whereas the additional projectiles (top, bottom and sides) are always corrosive.
  2. The additional corrosive projectiles appears to apply the weapon's listed damage.
  3. The diamond pattern is similar to that of the Orion, but the Orion always procs maximum.
  4. The spread of the diamond pattern are at a fixed angle, similar to a patterned shotgun's pellets, thus this weapon is more effective in short- to mid- range.
  5. Lastly, the Nemesis can spawn with the Invader Scope.
  • An Avenger with the "Intense" prefix [Intense Accessory] can have two 50% critical hit damage bonuses - one from the accessory, one from the sight. This stacks to give +100% critical hit damage.
  • While the Serpens will not proc on every shot, it does have increased chances to proc vs. a generic support machine gun, as well as a chance to proc without consuming a portion of the tech pool.
  • The only legitimate prefix for the Jackal is "Hunter's". This is one of the only two non-Eridian weapons in the game whose rounds are affected by gravity, the other being the Leviathan. Despite having its own material the "U" denoting the Dahl Urban material is still present in the weapon name.
  • The only legitimate prefix for the Tsunami is 'Cobalt'. Bullets randomly fire in one of 3 ways: Straight flight path with ricocheting flat damage rounds.

Oscillating in a sine wave pattern, moving between top left and bottom right ( ⤡ ), with Shock effect.
Oscillating in a sine wave pattern, moving between top right and bottom left ( ⤢ ), with Corrosive effect.

The Tsunami will always have a [x4] shock multiplier listed on the item card, even though it deals both Shock and Corrosive damage. Despite its elements, its muzzle flash is that of a fire weapon. Rounds fired from the Tsunami move noticeably slower than normal bullets.
Although it possesses a small tech pool, limiting its procs, this limitation can be largely bypassed with a Siren's Spark skill and Tormentor Com or Roland's Shock Trooper Com.
  • The Bessie gets all of its effects from its scope, the sight4_Jakobs_Bessie. Not only does it provide substantial stats boosts (Damage, Critical Damage, Projectile speed), it is also superior to the corresponding sight4 and even sight5, in terms of zoom in zoom.

From a strict mechanical point of view, the Bessie is a normal sniper rifle with a base +200% Critical Hit Damage bonus. The scope itself gives a multiplicative +150% Critical Bonus, which makes the total critical hit damage of:

+200% × (1 + 150%) = +500%

This subtle aspect of the Bessie means that when combined with a Sniper or Ranger Class Mod, the bonus will not be applied to the full +500% Critical, but rather to the base +200% Critical.
The Bessie is made of JakobsBessie_Material, which is the same as Material_Jakobs_2.
sight4_Jakobs_Bessie sight4 sight5
Zoom End FOV: -350% Zoom End FOV: -200% Zoom End FOV: -300%
Spread: 0 (When scoped) Spread: -50% (When scoped, post apply) Spread: -70% (When scoped, post apply)
Critical Damage: +150% - -
Damage: +30% - -
ProjectileSpeed: +100% - -
Weapon Type Extra Effect
dlc3_gd_customweapons.Pearlescent_Weapons.CustomWeap_Type_Name ?
Part Grade.CustomWeap_Type_Name
dlc3_gd_weap_UniqueParts. [Input data from below HERE]
Part Name Damage Mod Accuracy Mod Fire Rate Mod Tech Level Mod Recoil Reduction Extra Effect/Notes
RevolverPistol.acc.acc5_Heal_AtlasAries 30% - - 6 - Shock damage, shots have random chance of absorbing health from enemies similar to transfusion grenades.
RevolverPistol.Material_Aries_3 20% - -0.05 sec/shot 2 -11% Equivalent to Material_Atlas_3/ +15% to clip size
Title.TitleP_Atlas_Aries - - - - - "Aries" "Your Life Is Mine"
CombatRifle.TedioreAvenger_sight5 30% 150% - 5 - Higher zoom than it's counterpart [sight5], Clip Size: +8/ +50% critical hit damage, single fire [-2 Burst Count] and slow ammo regeneration. Basically a Pounder on steroids.
CombatRifle.TedioreAvenger_Material -5% -15% - - - Equivalent to Material_Tediore_3/ 100% reload speed/ "-B"
Title.TitleP_Tediore_Avenger - - - - - "Avenger" "Uncommon Power"
SupportMachineGun.acc4_SandS_Serpens 15% 100% - 12 -25% It is based on acc4_Deathly, but also benefits from the elemental effects of acc3_Corrosive High corrosive damage and a huge tech pool. Higher procs can cause bullets to travel in a wave pattern and ricochet off walls/ +80% clip size
SupportMachineGun.SandSSerpens_Material 5% - - 1 - Equivalent to Material_SandS_2/ +42% clip size/ -19% reload speed/ ".2"
Title.TitleP_SandS_Serpens - - - - - "Serpens" "Poison in your veins"
RepeaterPistol.acc5_Shock_HyperionNemesis 25% 60% - 12 - High chance to proc shock [x3] / [x4] damage, bullets also have a chance to split into multiple corrosive bullets after striking the target, procs adds the additional corrosive projectiles/ fixed diamond pattern
RepeaterPistol.HyperionNemesis_Material 10% 100% - 1 80% Equivalent to Material_Hyperion_3/ 30% reload speed/ ".G"
Title.TitleP_Hyperion_Nemesis - - - - - "Nemesis" "There is no escape"
MachinePistol.barrel4_VladofStalker 50% 50% - 1 35% Magazine Size: +30%/ Fires wave pattern bullets that ricochet multiple times, cannot be elemental.
MachinePistol.VladofStalker_Material 10% -32% 56% - 40% Equivalent to Material_Vladof_3, /"V3"
Title.TitleP_Vladof_Stalker - - - - - "Stalker" "You can run, but you can't hide."
RocketLauncher.barrel2_TorgueUndertaker 40% - 75% - - Clip Size: +6 giving you 8 or 10 round magazine, large splash radius, faster rocket velocity.
RocketLauncher.TorgueUndertaker_Material 30% -35% 16% - -54% Same as Material_Torgue_3, and explains why all Undertakers have the ["Steel"] prefix
Title.TitleP_Torgue_Undertaker - - - - - "Undertaker" "Take'em UNDER."
CombatShotgun.barrel3_DahlJackal 700% 100% - -500% - Based on the barrel3_Carnage barrel (see Carnage), and is mostly equivalent, with increased damage/ Projectile count: 1/ Fires grenades in an arc pattern.
CombatShotgun.DahlJackal_Material 5% -15% - - 40% Equivalent to Material_Dahl_2/ 24% reload speed/ " U"
Title.TitleP_Dahl_Jackal - - - - - "Jackal" "This dog bites."
SMG.acc3_Maliwan_Tsunami 10% 100% - 12 - Fires wave pattern bullets that ricochet off walls, has random chance to proc either shock or corrosive element.
SMG.MaliwanTsunami_Material 10% 25% - 5 - Same as Material_Maliwan_3/ 25% reload speed/ " C"
Title.TitleP_Maliwan_Tsunami - - - - - "Tsunami" "Flee the wave"
SniperRifle.sight4_Jakobs_Bessie 30% - - - - +150% critical hit damage, 100% accurate when zoomed, +100% increased bullet velocity.
SniperRifle.JakobsBessie_Material 25% 50% -50% - -28% Same as Material_Jakobs_2/ "ZZ"
Title.TitleP_Jakobs_Bessie - - - - - "Bessie" "That's my girl…"
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