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Hall of Fame Update! - A New Hall of Fame Page (page 2) was made due to the lack of character space in the 1st Hall of Fame for the Patch 1.30. You can now start adding weapons again to the Hall of Fame Here. (MDesign does not match any existing user name)

Sept. 14th, 2010: Most of the weapon pages (minus 2) and the shared material page have been updated using more accurate and detailed data taken from XanderChao's WillowTree. Added DLC3 weapons. (PhoenixGibPhoenixGib)

"Claptrap's New Robot Revolution" will be in Xbox 360, PS3, PC on September 28th. Anyone who is planning to buy Borderlands on Oct. 2010, 2K will be publishing "Borderland - Game of the Year" edition, it will contain all four expansions on Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot, Secret Armory of General Knoxx, and Claptrap New Robot Revolution.

6 Feb 2011 - WillowTree# 2.1 released by: matt911 and XanderChaosXanderChaos

22 July 2010 - Desktop Weapon Calculator released by: Rey1995Rey1995

7 July 2010 - Gear Calculator released by: duncanfoggduncanfogg

27 June 2010 - Willow Shrubbery released by: duncanfoggduncanfogg

24 May 2010 - Desktop Gearcalc v1.4 released by Blutfalke.

If you're looking information on modifying Borderlands items:

The site is laid out in a simple format; just pick the page that corresponds to the weapon type you're looking for. Each part is listed by name, along with the type, the damage, accuracy and fire rate modifiers, and the extra effect it employs. Simple.

If you're having trouble using XanderChaos's WillowTree:

Click here for XanderChaos's WillowTree tutorial

Click here for dropKAG's WillowTree# Beta tutorials

If you want to contribute:

Please follow the established format. If you are adding mags, detail the mag size in the extra effects column. The simplest way to help is as follows:

  • Pick a weapon type. The more of this type you have in your inventory, the easier this will be.
  • Have the first weapon with no parts (invisible gun). This will be your control weapon, as it has base stats.
  • Have the subsequent weapons have only one part. For instance, if you are testings barrels, have one with just barrel1, one with just barrel2, etc.
  • Make sure that your weapons have the same material and the same quality grade.
  • Calculate the percentage difference between the various stats to the control weapon. For instance, if control gun has 100 damage, and barrel1 gun has 125 damage, then barrel1 offers a +25% damage modifier. Round to the nearest 0.5%.
  • Repeat until you get sick of it. Remember, every piece you test makes the job easier for everybody.

Item Grades:

Item Grades



Action Skills:



Grip Restrictions

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