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Alien/Eridian Weapons
Assault Shotguns
Combat Rifles
Combat Shotguns
Grenade Launchers
Machine Pistols
Patrol SMGs
Repeater Pistols
Rocket Launchers
Sniper Rifles (pump-action)
Semiautomatic Sniper Rifles
Support Machineguns

Pearls/Legendary Bios & Stock Weapons (One-hit kill)

Pearlescent Weapons
Legendary Guns
Scorpio/Stock Weapons
DLC Weapons List

Prefixes and Title Modifiers:

All prefixes and titles that have modifiers

There are also a list on custom item grades, and you'll find them here.

Known Weapon Glitches:

There are a number of glitches in Borderlands where a gun's color, stats, name, or other things may not be listed properly. In most cases (Reaper & Bitch aside) this does NOT affect the function of the weapon, it just causes a headache for those trying to figure out how their gun works.



  • Atlas Cyclops - The text on the Cyclops Sniper Rifle guncard lists the sight as having a 3.2x zoom, but this text is incorrect as the Cyclops sight has an actual zoom of 5.2x (strongest magnification in-game).
  • Maliwan Plague - The Plague is an improperly named Legendary Assault Shotgun, it appears with the name "Crux" (which is an S&S legendary shotgun) instead of the name "Plague". Furthermore, flavor text remains intact.
  • Dahl Penetrator - The Penetrator is a Legendary rarity Semi-auto Sniper Rifle; therefore, it is supposed to have it's text in orange on the weapon card. However, the gun will appear in game with the regular rarity colors. (Purple, Blue, or Green depending on the quality of parts).
  • Hyperion Executioner - Similarily to the Plague bug, the "Executioner" is an improperly named Legendary Semi-auto Sniper Rifle. Instead it'll spawn with the name "Invader" (The Invader is a legendary Hyperion Repeater Pistol).
  • S&S Draco - The Draco is another Legendary Weapon that appears with regular rarity colors, but in this case they have the name wrong as well. If you ever find a Draco it will not have the proper name, but will be listed with normal Machinegun names instead (Old Machinegun, Glorious Machinegun, Glorious Massacre, etc.). If you find an S&S machinegun with an x3 or x4 flame element (if you have the lowest quality parts possible you can get an x2), higher damage, extra rounds in the clip and a dark cylindrical accessory then you probably have a Draco. (The damage depends on the level, obviously. Dracos around the lvl 60ish area with good parts should have 200+ damage)
  • Hyperion Bitch - The "Bitch" Legendary Hyperion Patrol SMG is supposed to have a +50% critical hit damage bonus, but it does not happen.
  • Vladof Vengeance - The Vengeance is a Legendary Machine Pistol that has a chance to ignore shields (similarily to Mordecai's Trespasser Skill), but the ability is bugged, and only works if you have the weapon equipped when you enter the game. If you do not have it equipped and equip it later, then the special effect will not work. On the plus side though, if the Vengeance is equipped when you enter the game, then All of your weapons will have a chance to ignore shields!
  • Hyperion Reaper - The Reaper Legendary Machine Pistol has a melee accessory that is supposed to give a +300% melee damage; unfortunately, it does not work and the gun actually gives no melee bonus at all. Argh!

Weapon Level (Equipped v. Unequipped):

This is not really a glitch, but should probably still be mentioned. You may have noticed that the listed weapon level will sometimes change once it is equipped. This is because of a scrapped idea that the developers had where you could equip weapons with higher levels than your character as you raised your weapon proficiency. The idea was scrapped, but the bit that changed the shown level of the weapon after it is equipped was left in. This does not affect anything in the game however, regardless you still have to be at the weapon's regular level to equip it no matter what level your proficiency is currently at.

Original Post by K0rN_b4LL on GBX Forums

If you want to contribute:

Please follow the established format. If you are adding mags, detail the mag size in the extra effects column. The simplest way to help is as follows:**

Pick a weapon type. The more of this type you have in your inventory, the easier this will be.
• Have the first weapon with no parts (invisible gun). This will be your control weapon, as it has base stats.
• Have the subsequent weapons with only one part at a time. For instance, if you are testing barrels, have one with just barrel1, one with just barrel2, etc.
• Make sure that your weapons have the same material, and the same quality grade.
• Calculate the percentage difference between the various stats to the control weapon. For instance, if your control has 100 damage, and barrel1 gun has 125 damage, then barrel1 offers a +25% damage modifier. Round to the nearest 0.5%.
• Repeat until you get sick of it. Remember, every piece you test makes the task easier for everybody including you!

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