WillowTree 1.2.2 Tutorials

About WillowTree

WillowTree is an advanced save editor for Borderlands on all platforms (360, PS3, and PC) that presents all of the data from a save in an easily editable format. It includes built-in features to speed up changes to some aspects of the saves such as character information, skills, quest status, items, and backpack size.

WillowTree can be downloaded here

Basics of WillowTree

Upon opening a file in WillowTree, the name of the file will displayed as the root folder. After opening the folder, the following should be displayed:

  • Character - Contains information regarding the character's experience, level, and money, along with other basic details from the beginning of the save.
  • Skills - Lists all of the character's skills.
  • Ammo Pools - Lists the ammo information. (Note: The current ammo is not properly displayed as a float, but instead as a long.)
  • Grenades, Shields, and Mods - Lists all non-weapon backpack items.
  • Weapons - Lists all of the character's weapons.
  • Challenge Data - Lists the raw data from the challenges.
  • Visited Locations - Lists all of the character's visited locations.
  • Current Location - Displays the character's current location (New-U Station).
  • Save Info - Contains values for the save, such as the save number.
  • Quests - List all of the character's completed and current quests.
  • Player Info - Displays extra information about the character, specifically color and name.
  • Echo Logs - Lists all of the character's echo logs.

Manually editing a String/Value

For this example I'll be changing the part on a gun. The same process can be used on almost any other string or value in WillowTree.

First, find the gun part you'd like to change:
WT-tut5.pngThen right-click on the part. The following pop-up box should appear:
WT-tut6.pngEnter the new gun part you'd like to replace it with:
WT-tut10.pngClick "OK" or hit enter and the gun part will change to the new one:

Make sure that when you finish editing your save data that you remember to save from the File menu.

Using the Built-in Editor

WillowTree includes an editor that identifies parts of the save and allows them to quickly to be edited. For exmple, when clicking on any skill, the following should appear in the editor (the right side of the window):


After adjusting any values, "Save Changes" must be clicked in order for the changes to take effect.

Parts of the save that work with the editor are:

  • The character subfolder inside of "Character". (Level, Experience, Cash, Skill Points, Game Finished)
  • Any skills from the "Skills" folder. (Level, Experience, Equipped)
  • The "Grenades, Shields, and Mods" folder. (Backpack Space, Equip Slots)
  • Any subfolder from "Grenades, Shields, and Mods". (Parts, Quantity, Quality, Equipped)
  • Any weapons from "Weapons". (Parts, Remaining Ammo, Quantity, Equipped Slot)
  • The "Current Location" folder. (Current Location)
  • Most subfolders from "Quests". (Quest Progression)
  • The "Player Info" folder. (Color 1, Color 2, Color 3, Player Name)

** Any of those can be clicked on for their information to appear in the editor. **

Using the Weapon/Item Editor

Included with WillowTree is a basic set of parts for most types of weapons and items in Borderlands. If you wish to swap a part out with one included with WillowTree, first double-click on the part in the parts editor window. The following menu should appear:


Select the type of item or weapon you want to find a part for, then this pop-up will appear (with the content varying on the option selected):


Select the part you want and hit "Swap Part".
You can also change the remaining ammo in the gun, the quality of the gun (determines the strength and level requirement), and what slot, if any, that the item or weapon is equipped to.

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